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Basic Editing of Flat Lay Photos

They say... "A picture is worth a thousand words!" ...So, let's make our pictures share the beauty and detail of all our doll making work in the best possible light.

(Pun intended).

Join me today as I share a FREE app I use directly on my phone to edit many of my pictures. Please know there is no affiliate here, I am just sharing with you one of my secret, photo-editing apps for ON-THE-GO editing! It is called Snapseed. If this app is not available where you live, do not worry. Any photo editing app will have the same features. Please share YOUR favorite photo editing apps in the comments below. This is how we truly become a Doll Making community by lifting each other up as we rise!!! When you share, others share.

This is what the photo in the video looked like BEFORE & AFTER. These are the actual photos I edited right on my phone during the video.


Edit your photos from last week's assignment. Please share in the forum your before and after pictures. Ask for feedback on any trouble areas, or share new tips and tricks with the group. Share your learning too for a chance to be featured in the weekly Modern Rag Doll Membership Member's only newsletter!

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