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Believe it is Possible!

Your wings already exist, all you have to do is FLY!

Where does your heart want you to fly?

Mine is to a world where people always lift eachother up❤️


I named this Embroidery Machine Doll Pattern after our daughter Julia. She is a creative and free spirit, who is literally, always bursting with smiles and love! Her gift to the world is truly her happiness that she freely shares with everyone she meets. The pattern is called Julia Butterfly Doll. I used the Spring Fling Dress pattern to dress her and the the embroidery machine Butterfly Wing pattern as her accessory. I love that these wings are removable and so whimsical. What a wonderful opportunity it was to work with Stacie Bloomfield's upcoming fabricline Dwell in Possibilities by Gingiber for Moda Fabrics.

This fabric collection's colors, details and designs are just so wonderful! Even the selvage on the Dwell in Possibilities fabric is INSPRING!


I have always loved this quote by Louisa May Alcott, "The humblest of tasks get beautified, when loving hands do them."


I actually had a hard time cutting this selvage off because I love it so much. Do you sew projects using your favorite selvages? This selvage would make a lovely trim on a doll's dress, wouldn't you think?

There is a delicate gold sparkle thread in the Dwell in Possibilities fabric line that really is magical! Stacie's style of illustration is so unique to her... and truly is, art on fabric! I just knew I needed to sew this set of dolls in this collection!

You never know what we can accomplish, or what we can inspire each other to do, until we Dwell in the Possibilities!!! I hope you have an inspiring day and help lift someone else up today!

You can find the patterns here: