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Believe it is Possible!

At a very young age, I was fortunate enough to learn the power of positive thinking... that we can not control outcomes and other peoples words and actions, but that we can control our inner voice and what we believe we can accomplish. Growing up training in a professional ballet school taught me that if I was willing to put the work in and believe in myself, I could achieve the goals I set out to accomplish! Now, as a mom of 4 pre-teens and teenagers, I work hard to teach my children that they can do and be whatever they imagine for themselves. There are no limits on imagination! Isn't that such an empowering thought?!

I wanted to design an inspirational mini quilt this month that would reflect, encourage and inspire those positive thoughts in all of us! Everyone has something amazing to offer and this mini quilt sums it up for me! "Believe it is Possible" is the name of this mini! It is made using my FAVORITE half-square rectangle method which I teach in the mini quilt pattern as well as give a FREE tutorial on how fun and simple they are to make. (link at the bottom of this blog post). I planned this mini quilt, so when you look at it, you feel like it goes on forever... Just like our imaginations!

I chose to use Shawn Wallace's new fabric collection Unicorn Kingdom with Riley Blake Designs for this inspirational set of patterns. I love the idea of a magical unicorn kingdom, complete with rainbows, swans and castles!!! If we are dreaming that all things are possible, then why not a unicorn kingdom?!!! lol! Just take a closer look at Shawn's unicorn illustrations! They are so adorable with their flowing manes and rounded bodies! Eeeekkkk! Too cute! Shawn also designed some lovely rainbow and shooting start low volumes in the collection and her floral is such great, versatile print! I used the purple floral for the binding of the mini quilt, the hem on her dress and for the body of my accompanying doll!

I stitched up a magical little girl doll - complete with hot pink hair and a sparkly yarn ponytail. I gave her a purple floral bodysuit and shooting star tights! I used my Julia Butterfly Doll Pattern for the doll and the Spring Fling dress pattern for her dress! I imagine this doll to be a girl who dreams big and I wanted her to be able to become a unicorn (even in her dreams) whenever she wanted to. That is why I designed the Unicorn Hat she is wearing! Whenever she puts on this hat, her imagination can transform her into the Unicorn Kingdom!!!


Unicorn Hat


Heat and Bond:

Felt Rainbow:


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