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Beneath the Western Sky

Howd'y Friends!

This week at Bee Sew Inspired, we are having a great time with all things Western!

Wagon Wheels, Corn Stalks, Horse Shoes, Printed Button-up Shirts, Overalls and all things horses!!!

This week I have been busy playing with an elegant and sweet fabric collection. This fabric is actually the inspiration behind the upcoming Horse Rag Doll pattern. The name of the fabric is - Beneath a Western Sky - and is designed by Gracie Larson for Riley Blake Designs. This collection is full of tons of intricate line work details, patterns and visual depth. Gracie always puts together color combinations that are fresh, comforting and so much fun. As well, the scale of all the prints are wonderful for doll making and quilters alike! YAY!

I have been wanting to design a horse/pony rag doll for quite some time and have played with the design and elements numerous times. I have added quite a few extra details into this doll pattern and I am so excited to share them with you today.

In the Horse Doll Pattern, I will teach you how to make an even yarn mane on the back of the doll. There are definitely a few tricks to share to build the mane and then a few more tips to assemble the completed doll with details on the front and back. The results are so worth it!

Just look how fun it is to fussy cut the tummy panel so you can add an extra print to your doll as well!

Whenever I think of horses, I think of wild horses freely galloping under an open Wester sky, so I knew I had to include the details of horse's hooves to this adorable rag doll pattern. What a fun and simple way to add character to your doll. (Side note: my daughter had a pony for a few years and it actually ran away down this very country lane in a severe thunderstorm. It took us quite a few hours to locate her, and then quite a few more hours to get her home again.) I assure you, these Horse Dolls will not run away on you!

Horse eyes are also special and unique to the animal and I am thrilled how the eyes on this rag doll turned out! They even have a horse shoe reflection in them. Can you spot the details?

Now, in the magical world of rag dolls, all the animals talk, walk on 2 legs, and of course, dress in matching doll clothes.

I knew the Horse was the perfect doll to feature the brand new Button-up Shirt Pattern! This pattern is fully lined, and although it is a small sew for dolls, I walk you through an innovative and simple assembly technique that makes the shirt a Confident Beginner level sew!!! You can grab this new Button-up Shirt Pattern HERE today and start dressing up your favorite Bee Sew Inspired Dolls!

This Horse Doll pair is riding through the prairies in style! Our girl pony is dressed in the Spring Fling Dress (pattern found HERE), and the boy pony is wearing a functional pair of Overalls (pattern found HERE).

Thank you so much for stopping by and travelling on this little Western adventure with me! If you want to be the first to know when the Horse Rag Doll Pattern is released, please make sure to sign up for the FREE Bee Sew Inspired Newsletter. We share weekly tips, tutorials, coupons and inspiration about all things FUN sewing!!! (Including quilting, dolls, sewing, hand embroidery, and machine embroidery). You won't want to miss this fun, and quality-packed, weekly newsletter!



Beneath A Western Sky

by Gracie Larson for Riley Blake Designs

Enjoy the rest of your day dreaming of your next sewing project and enjoying the view of the Western Sky!

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