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Bunny Dolls and Bunny Teethers

Bunny here, bunny there, bunny, bunny everywhere! Oh my!

Bunny rabbits have been adored for centuries! They are one of the first animals to take on human qualities in children's story books (dressing, eating, talking). Do you remember some of the classic bunny tales? Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, the Velveteen Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland's white rabbit, Flopys, Mopsy and Cotton tail and of course Bugs Bunny to name a few.

Why do children love bunnies so much? It could be there long ears, twitchy little noses, fluffy tails and bouncy way of travelling... However, it most certainly is their quiet demeanor and the way they love and care for their young.

So it is no surprise that the Bunny Doll Pattern (both the sewing version and machine embroidery version) are both one of my post popular Doll patterns! I love the nostalgia of the classic rag dolls - made modern - and making a Modern Rag Doll Bunny just tops the charts for me!!! The Bunny Doll Pattern has wonderful embroidery detail on her optional floral crown and I love her handy tummy pocket. She uses it to carry her carrots, her babies and even her laundry!

Speaking of laundry... there is nothing more fresh and reminiscent of days gone by, then to hang your clothes on the line!

Just look at her cute fluffy pompom tail!

This stunning fabric has a nod to nostalgia with the color palette and illustration style! It is so perfect for this vintage feel bunny projects. This fabric is called Hidden Garden and is designed by Minki Kim for Riley Blake Designs. The hexagon cheater print and main florals are oh so sweet! Just look closely at the friend print and birds print too! This collection is a must-have and I am not sure if one fat quarter bundle is enough... lol... I love it so very much!

The Bunny Doll's main skin color is one of my favorite Confetti Cotton colors: Tea Dye! This RBD Basic is a doll-makers dream! Just look how wonderfully it stuffs!

I used some of the softest colors in this line to sew her up a garden dress using the basic Spring Fling Dress Pattern the sundrops fabric. I added the adorable plaid apron and ruffle hem! Soooo much sweetness!

Do you have babies in your life? Why not wip up some adorable Bunny Teethers?

Bunny Teethers are fun and simple to make. Great for little hands to grasp and the high quality cotton of Riley Blake Designs makes for a beautiful and tightly woven fabric weave - perfect for these Bunny Ear Teethers!!! You can grab the pattern for either the sewing version or embroidery machine version in my shop throughout the month of August for only $1 and get started today!!!

With all this bunny fun, I better "hop" to it and start making a few more bunny items for baby gifts and Christmas Charity donations. Won't you join me? Please tag me @beesewinspired and use the #beesewinspired if you make any bunny items so I can share and retag you back! I can't wait to see what you are making!

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