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Comic Book Quilt Pattern

An empowerment project to inspire, encourage

and spread love through our creative sewing talents and gifts!

Comic Book Quilt Pattern

Inspire the next generation to be a superhero! This Comic Book Quilt pattern is 52" x 64" and is designed to tell the story of YOUR superhero!

Each traditionally pieced block is designed to look like it's own comic strip. Use ANY Be A Superhero Doll Fabric Panel by Jennifer Long for Riley Blake Designs to applique on top of the blocks for the complete Superhero effect!

This quilt is designed to EMPOWER and lift up our ordinary superheroes with the fun of laying under a page from your favorite comic book where YOU are the HERO!!!

Shops can wholesale order the Comic Book Quilt Pattern HERE.

Grab the PDF Version below!


You can watch the video on the Bee Sew Inspired YouTube Chanel HERE through the link above.

Fabric Ships August 2022


Who is a Superhero?

From ordinary to extraordinary. That is the story of every superhero! Whether it is a child taking care of a lost cat, a teenager standing up for a friend, a mother reading to her child every night, or a front-line worker helping those in need… each of these people have one thing in common; they are simply a regular person that is putting someone else’s needs ahead of their own. THAT makes you a superhero!

Be A Superhero and Take the Challenge!

#superheromovement kicks off in August 2022

1. Sew a “Be a Superhero” Doll, Pillow or Quilt.

2. Take a photo of your Superhero holding the doll, “wearing” the quilt, laying under the quilt or wrapped in the quilt and being transformed into a Superhero!

3. Post it on social media under the hashtag #superheromovement

4. Bee Sew Inspired (Jennifer Long), will share and link YOUR photos under this hashtag to a collage on the Blog to lift up the good news stories of all the superhero’s everywhere in the world! Anyone can be an ordinary superhero! Let’s fill up the social media feeds with Superheroes!

5. Be a part of the power of sharing love, spreading good news stories and lifting each other up, everywhere around the world!

“We all have the capacity to be a superhero. In order to become one, you just have to find your unique power or ability and exploit it for the greater good. The cape and mask are optional accessories, but a kind heart is essential.” - Robert Clancy

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