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Countdown till Christmas!

In a maker's world, it is NEVER to early to start planning for the holidays. After all, it takes time to prepare a special homemade holiday!!! (We only have 214 sleeps till Santa is here - but who is counting...)

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. Perhaps because I love giving and creating for the people that I love - but also because this magical time of year inspires people all over the globe to do kind deeds and charity for others. Every year, I donate a bunch of beautiful, handmade dolls to a charity, church, organization or hospital. It is a way I can use my gifts to spread joy and as we know, giving is always so much better than receiving!

When I first spotted Christopher Thompson's new Holly Holiday fabric line with Riley Blake Designs, I just fell in love with his multicultural Santa print! What the world needs is no stereotypes and no limits and I so adore this print! Of course, the florals are brilliant and the large scale main floral reminds me of the beautiful, floral Polish skirts my mother grew up wearing in Poland.

So today, I am unveiling my NEW, Santa Doll pattern!!! I am so excited how he turned out! He has an attached beard but it is made separately from his face. He also has all the wonderful details a Santa should have. Big collars, and buckles, and even some removable buckled boots! The Santa Pattern is out to my testers right now and will be available on Friday, June 11th. If you would like to receive coupons, freebies and all the doll making news for this and other doll patterns, please sign up for my Doll Making Newsletter HERE.