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Country Life Panel SAL Week 3

Breathe the fresh country air and experience country life through the eyes of child! From quilts, to dolls to play on the go.

Week 3: Making the Bag & Embellishments

Welcome to week three of the Country Life Panel SAL! Are you feeling inspired and creative? Please remember to share your progress on social media using the hashtag #countrylifefabric and tagging me @beesewinspired. This week we will be preparing our bag and all the parts.

Please NOTE: we are offering TWO options for finishing the bag. #1 Full-turned method and #2 Easy Sew Method. Both are beautiful and completely functional! The Country Life Felt bag is designed to be a barn for the animals, carry bag, and a playmat - all in one!!!

However, the BEAUTY of high-quality RBD felt, is that you can simply layer, sew and go - no turning necessary. Simply follow the directions on the panel or the step by step instructions on the FREE download! Have fun and be creative!!!

SAL Video Week 3 - Making the Bag & Embellishments


The Country Life 3-in-1 Felt Farm Play Panel is a MUST have for all ages of country loving babies and children. Turn the farm characters into a mobile that is sure to brighten any nursery or preschool room!

Sew up some quiet, play on the go, with Farm themed flat felt dolls and Barn carry bag. There are plenty of pockets on the outside and inside of the bag and you can open the bag up flat to have a contained and clean play surface, anywhere!

To make the Play Mat / Bag (SAL Week 3)

NOTE: The EASY SEW INSTRUCTIONS are printed on directly on the panel and are provided for a NO-TURN easy solution and to stitch with children too! The Bag Turning Finishing Instructions are explained in the FREE download and on the Week 3 Video. Choose the Bag Option that works BEST for your own Bag Making skills!

1. Prepare the handles by backing each handle with a piece of batting or stabilizer and folding RST. Stitch along both sides of the handles. Carefully turn the handle RSO.

2. For extra strength, stitch vertical lines along the length of the handle in a matching thread color. Set aside.

3. Prepare the pockets by folding the seam allowance to the back of each pocket and machine or hand sew each pocket hem in place.

4. Pin and sew all the pockets in place to the outside and inside sections of the bag, leaving the pocket top open. Match illustrations on the main bag panels as desired. Be sure to backstitch starting, corners, and ending for reinforcement.

5. Layer the bag front with stabilizer by basting around the entire perimeter at 1/8” to keep the stabilizer from shifting during assembly. Set aside.

6. Position the prepared handles in place. Flip the handles so they are laying INSIDE the main part of the bag. Baste the handles on the bag with the raw edges of the handles extending out past the bag. Set aside.

7. Gather the inside bag pieces. Position and sew the Field and Hay Loft pockets as desired.

8. Pin and sew the (2) back pieces RST, leaving an opening in the center as shown.

9. Layer the prepared backs on top of the prepared front of bag with RST. Pin with lots of pins to secure the entire perimeter. Note: The Barn will align one way only as it is hand-drawn

10. Sew around the perimeter of the bag.

11. Using a small pair of scissors, carefully clip around the perimeter of the entire seam allowance and notch out all the inside corners. Turn the bag RSO through the bottom opening. Push corners out with a point turner.

12. Finger press the entire seam allowance or CAREFULLY press with a cool iron. NOTE: heat from a hot iron can melt the acrylic felt panel. If you choose to iron, make sure to do a TEST press on a scrap of panel felt fabric first.

13. Using a coordinating thread color, stitch around the entire perimeter of the playmat/bag to give the edges a nice and clean finish. Note the top and bottom thread colors are matching the bag panel colors. Set aside.

14. Attach closures for the bag. I highly recommend using snap buttons and a snap button tool for safety, age appropriateness and aesthetics to close the playmat/bag. Velcro is also a good option. Make sure to position the snaps correctly by testing before you adhere them permanently. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to secure the snaps correctly and safely.


Download the Country Life Panel Instructions HERE

The complete instructions for the Country Life Felt Panels are a FREE download on the Bee Sew Inspired website HERE


Download the Country Life Sew-Along Schedule and Supplies List

country life felt panel 3-1 sal (1)
Download PDF • 2.60MB

October 4 - Week 1: Preparation & Cutting

October 11 - Week 2: Adding Details & Making the Felt Dolls

October 18 - Week 3: Making the Bag & Embellishments

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Download and share this graphic if you are joining us for the Country Life Panel Sew-Along