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Country Life Round-Up

My Country Life fabric collection for Riley Blake Designs is a homage to where we are living and raising our the country on the farm. Although I was born and raised in a city, when we got married 21 years ago, we moved to a country property near the small, prairie farm town where my husband grew up.

Over this time, we have been blessed with 4 children, chickens and roosters, 3 different farm dogs, numerous farm cats, sheep and even a pony! Tractors are the vehicles we wave "hi" to on morning walks, and garden fresh food is something our children have grown up with.

What will you make with the Country Life Fabric Collection? Perhaps aprons, hot pads, or fabric baskets? The possibilities are endless. See an amazing round-up of projects made with the Country Life fabric as inspiration for your own projects.


Dori Troutman @redfeedsack

Farmboy Quilt Tips & Tricks

Using a Lella Boutique pattern:


Deb Zaleski @sproutingjubejube

Deb’s own free pattern


Jessica Dayon @jessicadayon

Country Life Quilt


Deb Zaleski @sproutingjubejube

Deb’s own free pattern



Hunters Quilt Mart @huntersquiltmart

Using a Kitchen Table Quilting Pattern: