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I started out with a LOVE for fabric, color and design. Every fabric evokes a different feeling in me. From comfort to playfulness, from imagination to mood setting. It is pure magic how a simple throw pillow, or lap quilt thrown across a couch, can change the feeling of a room. Quilts wrap us in comfort! The moment I brought my first baby home from the hospital, I wanted only LOVE to surround that child. A homemade quilt is just that! Hours of love! As my children grew, they began requesting what their next quilt would be! It brought them security and peace knowing that they were going to sleep at night under a quilt made with love from their mother or their grandmother.

Inspiration and Community

Inspiration and community is the essence of what quilt making is to me! I learned to sew from my mother who made her wedding dress and so many clothes, and my grandmother who owned a fabric and knitting store. When I got married, my mother-in-law and our entire small, rural prairie community, inspired me to really dive into quilting. I have learned so much from talking about quilting and sharing with these amazing women and I want to be able to pass that love onto the next generation as well! I firmly believe we all RISE when we lift eachother up! If you love fabric and quilting, please come and join the INSPIRED QUILTING Facebook Group where we host a weekly LIVE video / tutorial on all different aspects of quilting. We host special guests once a month to share their stories, talents and gifts and most of all to INSPIRE each other.

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