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Do You Know An Ordinary Superhero?

The Be A Superhero movement is happening NOW!

Quilters all around the globe are joining together to lift others up by sewing the empowering "Be A Superhero" Quilt! I love that this pattern has inspired quilters, grandparents, friends and family to use their sewing talents and gifts to make the world a better place! This is an empowerment quilt that is designed to transform it's recipient into a SUPERHERO! Whether it is a child going through cancer treatments, or coming home from school after being bullied and needing a pick-me-up... All you need to do is lay under this quilt and you can't help but smile because you have BECOME a Superhero!!!

This quilt is not just for children though... who are the Superheroes in your life? The families that are homeschooling their children during a pandemic? The children and teachers going to school wearing masks and learning new social rules? The front-line workers helping out communities EVERY SINGLE DAY! Nurses, doctors, grocery store clerks, firefighters, neighbors, postal and transport workers, friends and family..... The meaning behind the "Be A Superhero" quilt pattern series is just that... to visually transform the recipient into a Superhero! When someone stands behind, or lays underneath the Be A Superhero quilt... THEY become the Superhero! A true empowerment quilt!