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Doll Prompts & Challenges

The Modern Rag Doll Membership is growing and evolving. Adapting to our members and working towards supporting Doll Makers and the Doll Making Industry!!!

We are starting a WEEKLY prompt and/or challenge that we know will INSPIRE you and your creativity! Please find a the Prompt & Challenges section in the FORUM for sharing photos and content for these weekly prompts and as always we want you to feel welcome to comment below with ideas and feedback!

Every Friday, we will share a prompt in regards to doll making! These prompts are designed to inspire you to take your doll making to the next level. Take the challenge each week and push your doll making further than it has been before!!! Join in the discussion and be inspired by others.

Imagine your doll making is like a seed in the ground. Full of so much protentional. The seed has everything inside of it to make it amazing. However, it needs to be nurtured regularly with water and sunlight in order to reach it's full potential. This is how our doll making is as well. The more you nurture your art of doll making, the fuller you will grow. I am so excited to see where these prompts and challenges will take you and your doll making skills!!!

Are you in? Let's be accountable to each other and comment below with a "YES, I'm in!"

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