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Dress up your Dolls!

It is always a good time to let your imagination soar, and we are having so much fun today playing dress up!

Today we are playing with a new fabric line called Halloween Whimsy by Teresa Kogut for Riley Blake Designs. It is definitely more sweet than spooky and I just love all the fun and adorable details in this collection. I love the little pumpkin standing up on a vine, and the colorful and friendly little witch girls... The color palette in this collection is soft and airy!

It is all in the details and I LOVE making doll clothes that have surprise elements of interest. Just add a tiny cuffed-hem to the Doll Overall Pants and instantly create that whimsical feel. The diagonal stripe makes this print so fun and easy to work with for trims too!!!

I added a few "peeking pumpkins" to the Frog Doll's overall pocket! You never know what he might want to carry in there. To tie it all together, I used the stripe print again for the Doll Overall straps. Isn't he just dashing?

Now Frog is dressed and ready for a Halloween adventure!!!

Of course, our Bat Doll just had to drop into this playful photoshoot with an outfit all of her own. She loves to show off her wings and hang upside-down, so she chose the Gathered Romper Shorts to play in!

This little doll's outfit gives her wings lots of freedom and her dress doesn't fly up when she hangs upside-down! Perfect! I used the fun diamond print with an accent tie at her hip to add some interest. I think she is pretty pleased with the results! lol... Wouldn't you agree?

Now of course, our story wouldn't be complete without someone to watch over, play with and dress up the animals. So our most popular doll, the Julia Butterfly Doll, decided she would like to have this Halloween adventure today too!

She is wearing the basic Doll Jumper, and I added some easy color blocking on the sleeves and pants for interest! Turn any doll's outfit into a Halloween costume, simply by adding one of the Doll Mask patterns. Our Julia doll chose the Bat Mask today!

The Doll Mask patterns come in 3 sizes to fit all 3 size of Bee Sew Inspired Dolls.

For an added embellishment, try adding some tiny, handmade pompoms full of texture and depth. I teach you how to make these fun little poofs of color in a short and simple video below!

What fun it would be to gift some Halloween Doll outfits to your child this year! It is a gift that will inspire creativity and imagination - and also is cavity free! Bonus!!!

I hope you had fun sharing this early glimpse of this brand new Halloween Whimsy fabric with me and that you are inspired to build your own story of dress-up characters this year!

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