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Embellishments (Organize-Along Week 6)

Organize-Along Week 6

Welcome to week 6 of the Bee Sew Inspired - Organize Along!

We are OFFICIALLY past the half-way mark in the Organize-Along! Where we are inspiring each other to clean, purge and organize our creative spaces!

Week 6 is ALL about embellishments. This includes trims, notions, ribbons, zippers, buttons and more!

Thank you for being part of the Organize Along! It is FREE and is meant to be a beautiful way in inspire each other to organize, share DIY projects, build friendships and more! If you haven't already, please consider joining one or both of our FREE Educational Facebook Groups. You will get the most benefit out of the next week if you not only take part, but give feedback, post questions and share inspiration! We are are so excited you are here! Let's get started!

WEEKLY VIDEO #6 - Embellishments

This week is all about organizing our trims, notions, ribbons, zippers, buttons etc..

Every week we are sharing tips, tricks, laughter and so much more through a weekly Video Chat. You can watch and comment on the video in any of the three platforms or communities that best suits you! We WANT to hear your organizing solutions... so please join us and take part in these fun videos. We will help to keep in inspired as the weeks go on and keep you from overwhelm. One small thing organized is a success!!!

Don't Get Tangled...

Do you feel like all your zippers and trims have a mind of their own? How do we tame these beautiful, and necessary sewing items? In this week's video, I give you a few tips on both visible and contained storage for these items. I even show you color-coded rainbow mason jar organization I use for my buttons! Let's get the conversation going and start today making progress on one of these fun areas!

Sewing notions storage ideas

1. How to organize your button stash

Everyone LOVES buttons! They’re so beautiful, cute, and fun... but of course, they get out of hand really quick. If you want to actually USE all your cute buttons, you are going to have to develop a system.

As you’re sorting buttons, you’ve got two goals:

  1. Separate buttons by color:

  2. Keep the matching buttons together in collections

My favorite way to do both these things is with small jars.

First grab a collection of small jars. You can use about anything here. Small canning jars, jam jars, magnetic spice containers are all good choices. Next dump out your button collection. Divide them into color families. Every jar = 1 color family. If you find matching buttons, set them aside together. To keep matching buttons together, cut a piece of embroidery floss. Thread it through all the buttons and tie a simple knot. From there, you can drop the matching sets back into your jar. Old button cards are really nice for keeping sets together, but they can get bulky in jars. If you have some nice button cards, another option is pinning them on a pegboard or bulletin board. Why not try keeping button sets together with safety pins.

2. How to organize your zippers without drowning in them

Digging through a box of zippers is really no fun. They’re like quicksand. The second you think you find one, it gets buried by the 20 around it. My approach to zippers is pretty similar to the buttons. First group them by color. Second, find a way to contain them together or hang them up. Perhaps putting them in clear bags or handmade bags of the same color? Why not try hanging them using a shower curtain rod? One shower curtain ring = one color family. Use safety pins through the ends of the zips to group smaller sub color families or zipper types. From there, hang up the various safety pins on the curtain ring

Other ideas for hanging zipper storage

  • pinning zippers on a corkboard

  • clip them to a hanger

  • repurpose a jewelry display stand

3. Storage solutions for snaps, rivets, grommets and all their kind

The one sewing notions storage solution that you really need is for all of the snaps, grommets, rivets and anything else that you can sew-on or hammer on like that.

All of these notions have multiple pieces that go into them. Lose one part, you can’t use the whole thing. Pearl snaps come to mind here: there are 4 separate pieces to 1 functional pearl snap!

The best way I’ve found to keep all the parts together is with small jewelry tackle boxes. These let you divide each of the parts into their own little compartment. That way it’s easy to quickly find all the components. Rivets and grommets usually use their own special setting tools. Since they’re unique for the size and shape, I keep those tools with the size of grommet and rivet as well.

4. How to store ribbons, bias tape, and other trims

Trims are tough when it comes to sewing notions storage. It’s very easy for them to get all tangled up, and if they’re delicate enough, all those tangles might lead to them being ruined.

If you use a lot of ribbon, it’s best to keep them on the spools they came on. There’s a lot of great ribbon boxes out there that let you thread through the ends without getting tangled.

If your ribbon stash is smaller or you tend to make bias tape just for a project at a time, you’ll probably need a smaller solution.

Cut up strips of cardstock or cardboard and wrap your ribbon around it. I cut notches in each end to hold the ends. After that, you can store the little bolts in pen caddies or a drawer.

You can always add a pin in the end of a trim as well.

5. Elastic storage solutions

If you are a doll or clothes maker, you will most likely have tons of elastic in various sizes, widths, strengths and colors. I buy in bulk so I keep mine on cardboard spool to keep the elastic intact without too much fuss. To keep the ends in order, put a pin in the end. When you need to use it, you can just roll it off the spool like ribbon.

You can hang several of these spools on horizontal racks for quick access.

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