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Everyday is Love Day!

I was recently talking with a dear friend of mine about ways to show our children how much we love them. Not just on special days like Birthday, Christmas and Valentines, but everyday! Then... we BOTH started talking about a wonderful book at the same time - the 5 Love Languages. I truly love the philosophy this book teaches about giving people love in ways they receive it best - and not necessarily in ways that we ourselves want love received. It is truly the the gift of showing what love is all about.

It seems so timely that we were having this discussion this week at the same time I am playing with such a sweet fabric collection centered around love!

This fabric is called, Falling in Love and is designed by Dani Mogstad for Riley Blake Designs. Even though it has a nod to the "Love Day" of the year - Valentines Day - shouldn't everyday be a day that we project love into the world and to our families and friends?

I decided to sew up the NEW Sunday Dress Doll Pattern in this happy Falling in Love fabric! I used the Main Red Print for the top, complete with puff sleeves and snap closures on the back! This dress pattern is a wonderful way to showcase some main prints that you love and this print is full of all the fun, LOVE icons!!!

For the skirt I used the Rose Floral Blush. The roses have such a depth to them and all the colors are so vibrant. I thought is was the perfect print to offset the red top.