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Fabric Storage (Organize Along 2)

Organize-Along Week 2

Welcome back to week two of the Bee Sew Inspired - Organize Along! We are so happy to have you here! EVERYTHING in the Organize Along is FREE! It is meant to be a beautiful way in inspire each other to organize, share DIY projects, build friendships and more! If you haven't already, please consider joining our Facebook Group and subscribing our YouTube Channel. You will get the most benefit out of each week if you not only take part, but give feedback, post questions and share inspiration! We are are so excited you are here! Let's get started!


Join me as I show you one way I am working this week on visible fabric storage. Every week we are sharing tips, tricks, laughter and so much more through a weekly Video Chat. You can watch and comment on the video in any of the three platforms or communities that best suits you! We WANT to hear your organizing solutions... so please join us and take part in these fun videos. We will help to keep in inspired as the weeks go on and keep you from overwhelm. One small thing organized is a success!!!

Fabric Storage:

So many ways to store fabric. Do you keep you fabric in collections, or do you organize your fabric in rainbow order? Do you like visible storage, or do you want your fabrics behind closed doors or in bins? What about precuts, fat quarters and full bolts? Let's start the conversation and inspire each other to organize even one small section of our fabric this week!

Here is a little note:

When going through your stash, if there is fabric, threads, tools, WIPS that you no longer want, maybe consider "paying it forward". On week 8 we are going to talk about Philanthropy and how we can help others... so let's start a pile of the stash you aren't wanting to keep but still having a hard time giving away. Helping someone else less fortunate then us, can be both therapeutic and ease the transition to let go of some of your long treasured fabric. Just make a box for now... we will talk about it more in week 8!

8 Brilliant Ways to Organize Fabric

1. Rolled onto Cardboards

Most of our spare fabrics are usually thin enough to be rolled onto cardboard. Arrange these cardboards on your shelves for better organization.

2. Shelves

Investing in shelves is always a good idea. Especially if you’re looking for the fastest way on how to organize fabrics. You can arrange them by fabric type or by color.

3. Filing Folder

You might think filing cabinets are only for folders and documents. But guess what? You can also store fabrics in them! Not only can you see your archive of fabric, it also saves a lot of space!

4. Use Wire Baskets

Wire baskets can give you a peek of which fabrics are stored within them. As a bonus, you can also stack them up! Wire baskets can give you a peek of which fabrics are stored within them. As a bonus, you can also stack them up!

5. Use Hangers

If you’ve got spare closets at home, this is perfect for you! You can even arrange them by color for better organization.

6. Rolled in Baskets or Boxes

For your smaller scraps of fabric, you can roll them and store them upright in cute boxes. You can seal them by tying ribbons around them. Putting labels can really help with the visual organization as well!

7. Fancy Glass Jars

Do you love vintage jars? Keeping your fabrics inside these jars keeps your sewing room organized. Plus, you’d also be taking your aesthetic to the next level. This lovely way of organizing fabric is definitely magazine-worthy!

8. Store them in Dressers

Fabrics can attract lots of minute particles like dust, bugs, and even small rodents. Keep your precious fabric-safe by storing them in dresser drawers! For aesthetic purposes, store yours in a beautiful dresser that looks very boho-chic.

Join us in the way that best suits you - or ALL of the ways below to have the most fun this summer!


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