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Bonus: Felt Sunflower Tutorial & Video

***Watch the LIVE replay***

Sunflowers are pure sunlight and warmth. The sight of a sunflowers makes me smile so this is one of the reasons we decided on creating a felt sunflower. This felt flowers combines the skills you've acquired from making the Easy Rolled Mum and some new skills.


For this flower, we used the template provided, but you can scale the pattern up or down to suit the size of flower you would like.

Felt Sunflower (download the template or

SVG cut file below)

Felt Mum (download the template of SVG cut file below)

Felt Leaves (download the template or

SVG cut file below)


Thread and needle

Download Templates / SVG Cut Files:

Sunflower templates
Download PDF • 666.33MB

Sunflower SVG Cut Files
Download ZIP • 2KB

Rolled Mum Templates
Download PDF • 666.30MB

Rolled Mum Cut Files
Download ZIP • 420B

How to make the Sunflower:

1. Use the template to cut out the main flower shape from the yellow felt or desired color of felt. Alternately, you can cut the main flower shape out using the SVG cut files provided. You need (2) of these petal shapes one is slightly smaller than the other.

2. Next using the template provided, cut out (2) leaves out of green wool felt by hand, or cut out (1) much larger leaf that will cover the bottom of your flower and have the tips peeking through. Alternately, you can cut the leaves out using the SVG cut files provided.

3. Cut out a 4" x 1.25" strip of brown felt. Fold the piece in half length-wise and cut 1/4" strips to about 1/4" away for the edge. Alternately, you can cut the center of the flower using the SVG provided for the Easy Rolled Mum but only using 4" of the original length. Keep scraps for making other flowers!

4. Hand baste or or machine stitch the two long edges together.

5. Tightly roll the felt shape into a flower, making sure to keep the lower edge even. Hand baste (or use a couple of dots of hot glue) to keep the center rolled up.

6. Sandwich the center part of the flower between the smallest layer of petals as shown in the image. Use a few hand basting stitches or a couple of dots of hot glue to keep it in place.

7. Repeat the process for the next alternating petals to create the shape shown in the image.

8. Repeat the process with the second layer making sure to alternate and align the petals so they are not directly one in back of the other.

9. If you want to use the (2) smaller leaves arrange as desired, trim off any excess tips at the bottom. Hand stitch into place or used a few dots of hot glue.

10. If you're using the single big leaf, use long stiches through the center of the leaf.

11. Pull the thread to form two sides of the leaf. Make sure to stitch and knot to keep everything in place

12. Arrange the leaves as desired. Hand stitch or glue the leaves to the bottom of the flower.

13. This last step is optional but it really makes all the difference in creating this sunflower. With a pair of sharp scissors, shape smaller petals. There's no right or wrong way to trim away. Some petals may be a little bigger than others, that's okay because in nature no two flowers are exactly the same!

You can modify the flower by changing the size of the template, or by adding more leafy greenery. Arrange the flowers to create a floral crown or other embellishments on your

Doll's clothing.

Don't forget to share your progress photos below or in the new

Clothing & Accessory forum chat!!!

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