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Forest Friends Doll Panel SAL Week 3

Come join the Woodland and Arctic Fox families as they join together

on an epic and imaginative, back-country adventure!

Week 3: Sewing the Tent Panel & Accessories

SUPRISE!!!! Today on the Forest Friends Panel SAL - we are adding in tips and tricks for sewing the Tent Panel assembly!!! I am so excited what a HUGE response and requests for this week we have received, and I am happy to offer you what you are asking! I love this community so much and what a joy it is to create together! Please follow the video link below and watch today's Week 3 Forest Friends Panel SAL video, as I share my special tips and tricks for the tent panel assembly! Happy sewing!

Are you ready for an Adventure?

The Foxes go on an adventure of make-believe. They camp, they hike, the make some smores. The get dressed in their cozy, knitted sweater vests, and wrap themselves with scarves.

They enjoy the heat of the glowing campfire and sleep under the stars. On their family hike, they hear the crunch of the leaves under their feet, and take in the fresh air and changing colors of the Autumn woods.

Come join us as we take an imaginative adventure with the Fox Family through the back-country woods!




Download and share this graphic if you are joining us for the Forest Friends Doll Panel Sew-Along

Don't forget to share your progress with us, Use the hashtag #ForestFriendsFabric and TAG me with the"@" symbol @beesewinspired, so I can cheer you on!

Forest Friends Panel Sew-Along (1)
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