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Fun and Nostalgic

Did you grow up playing with Fisher-Price toys? My sister and I sure did. I remember LOVING the bright colors, all the collections and sturdy toys from Fisher-Price. I can even recall wanting to go to our pediatrician's office, because he had this amazing fisher price parking garage set that I just loved to play with in the waiting room!

So, it really brought back fond memories for me while playing with a new fabric line called Let's Play - Fisher Price by for Riley Blake Designs. I just love all the whimsical animal drawings, bright colors, and who could forget the Fisher Price bus? There is even a cute little round birdie sitting on top of a tree! This collection is sure to bring a smile to all who "play" with it!

It is all in the details and I LOVE making doll clothes that have surprise elements of interest. By adding an accent fabric to the lining of the Button-up Shirt, the collar and cuffs reveal what is inside. Open up the shirt and surprise! So much happiness and fun! Giraffe Doll can't decide which way to wear this Button-up shirt.

Isn't this triangle blender print just sooo sweet? I really like how it has different size triangles and spaced sporadically. It really adds an element of interest to Giraffe's Pants (which are made using the Doll Overall pattern (minus the bib).

As you can see, the triangle print appears again in the white colorway. I used it for the top of the Spring Fling Dress and the Alphabet print for the skirt. It gives a little lightness to the top of the dress and such a visual appeal.

Will you come and join Lioness Doll and Giraffe Doll? They are having so much fun and are calling us to come over and "Let's Play!"

I ended up using just 5 prints from the Let's Play fabric collection, but every print works so well with each other! I think I will play a bit more and see what else I can make with them!

Did you notice the little Giraffe on the stripe print, peeking directly out of the working pocket? Just match your stripes and away you go for fun and whimsy!!!

What will you make with this new "Let's Play" fabric line?

I hope you had fun sharing this early glimpse of this brand new Let's Play fabric with me and that you are inspired to build your own story of dress-up characters this year!

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