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Getting Untangled (Organize-Along 1)

Organize-Along Week 1

Welcome to week one of the Bee Sew Inspired - Organize Along! We are so happy to have you here! EVERYTHING in the Organize Along is FREE! It is meant to be a beautiful way in inspire each other to organize, share DIY projects, build friendships and more! If you haven't already, please consider joining our Facebook Group and subscribing our YouTube Channel. You will get the most benefit out of each week if you not only take part, but give feedback, post questions and share inspiration! We are are so excited you are here!


4 Ways to Organize your Thread:


All threads are not equal and separating them based on their usage is a great way to organize. From machine sewing threads, hand sewing threads, hand quilting threads and embroidery threads. Categorizing your threads is a good place to begin.


This is especially true if you have a large collection of any one category. For example, you may have glossy cotton embroidery floss and matte wool floss collections. If you machine sew a lot, it’s a good idea to divide polyester thread and cotton thread, but only if you use these for different purposes.


Try separating your threads into these categories: cones, spools, bobbins, balls, and skeins.


You can separate colors into two main groups: warm vs. cool. Try "rainbow-tizing" your larger collections for ease and uniformity.

Storage Ideas for Thread

There are probably as many ways to store thread as there are ways to use it. Choose a method that suits the size of your collection.

1. Inside a Drawer or Bin

For a small spool and bobbin collection, a single drawer will do just fine. Threads are easily accessible but protected from fading and dust. In your drawer, lay spools on their sides to see colors at glance. As your collection grows, stand spools up to save space. A simple tin or tray works well for bobbin storage.

2. On a Thread Stand

There is a reason for this classic thread stand—it works and it looks good. The stands come in many sizes and will hold much more thread than your average-sized drawer. Make sure to place your thread stand somewhere that’s not in direct sunlight to protect thread from fading.

3. Wall-Mounted Rack

Like the thread stand, a wall mounted rack stores thread in a compact and highly visible style, where everything is right there at eye level. You can make your own wall-mounted rack and finish it with a pretty frame that suits your style. Try, storing the bobbin for each spool right along with the spool, so long as the dowel or nail is long enough! Again, watch out for direct sunlight — a sun protected spot is best.

4. Bobbin Keepers

Bobbins love to run wild and their small size makes them extra tricky to keep track of.

There are two basic approaches to storing bobbins: store them with the matching thread spool or store all bobbins together. Choose an approach and stick to it — you’ll thank yourself later.

You can store bobbins with spools by joining them together with a rubber band, golf tee, or a clever product. If you opt to keep bobbins separate from your spools, you could store them in little tins, these special-made bobbin boxes or even regular ice cube trays.

5. In Jars

This choice is great for embroidery floss, and does double-duty as decor if you organize your stash in pretty color groupings. Embroidery floss is usually sold on unwieldy skeins so you should first wind skeins onto clothespins or traditional floss bobbins. Then place the bobbins in a jar to enjoy those yummy colors while protecting them from dust.

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