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Granny Square Cross Stitch (Week 2)

Today, I am back with my second, adorable little Granny Square Cross Stitch! It has been a hectic family month and I am so happy I am taking the time to breathe and stitch just a little bit every week. Are you stitching along with us?

Throughout the month of June, I am stitching along with

Lori Holt and the Fat Quarter Shop on this fun, and simple,

There are so many benefits to cross stitch that go further than the beautiful project and stitches you end up with at the end.

Last week I spoke about my (3) reasons. If you want to learn what they are, you can read the post HERE.

Would you like to join us on the Granny Square Cross Stitch Along? It is free, fun and completely doable.

Download the FREE pattern HERE.