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How to Make Tiny Pompoms for Dolls

Join me as we make tiny pompoms to embellish your Modern Rag Dolls! you can stitch them to the doll's hair as a barrette, or on their clothes to give some soft texture and dimension.

These pompoms are 1" in diameter.

**Note: small object can pose chocking hazards in young children**

You will need:

1 skein of embroidery floss

Regular size kitchen fork

Small scissors


1. Take the edge of the embroidery floss (using all 6 strands) and hold it over the center of the fork prongs. Begin wrapping the embroidery floss around the starting edge until it holds tightly.

2. Continue wrapping the floss around the prongs of the fork, piling the area up that you started. You are aiming for a tight, tall wrap - not a loose or wide wrap. Wrap the entire skein of floss - less 6 inches.

3. Cut this 6 inches off at the end and we will use that to time the pompom together.

4. Take the end of the 6 inch cut off floss, thread it through the center prong as shown. Pull it up all the way at the back and around through the center top fork prong.

5. This is the most important step: Tie this floss in a double knot as tight as you can. This will hold all your threads together when you start to snip them.

6. Remove the tied pompom from the fork.

7. Begin on one edge and start trimming all the loops using your small scissors. Continue all the way around the entire pompom.

8. Give the pompom a little fluff and trim and stray threads that are sti