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Into the Woods...

Sometimes it is important to be... wild and free!!!

March weather in prairie Canada is still very unpredictable. One day it can be sunny and melting and the very next a full snow blizzard! Although it feels today that Spring is in the air... we are cautiously optimistic that we will not get too many more blasts of winter...

While we cannot control the weather, we can start thinking about CAMPING and all the wonderful memories we can share and enjoy together in the Great Outdoors!

Natalia Juan Abello's Camp Woodland fabric for Riley Blake Designs, has me in the mood to pull out the marshmallows and sit around the campfire! Just look at the all the cute forest animals in these prints! Even the colors just call to the wild!!! This color palette is just sooo fresh and clean! I love it!

I decided it was time to design a set of Fox Dolls and this was the perfect fabric to inspire these dolls! The Woodland Fox Doll pattern has a delicate crown of greens on her forehead. She most likely collected them on her latest hike in the woods and wove them together. I dressed her in a pillow-case style dress with frayed-edge hemming. If you want to try this technique out on your next doll project, make sure to head over to Inspired Doll Making FB Group. The link to the Frayed-Edge Hemming Tutorial is HERE.

The Sly Fox Doll is a very intelligent woodland animal! He has a touch of sophistication with his embroidered glasses and buttoned-up vest. Watch out though because he has a mischievous and sneaky side and he likes to peek around trees and jump out for the surprise!