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Let's Go on a Nature Hike!

Let's go on an adventure, let's go for a family hike. Let's take a deep breath of that fresh mountain air, and see what there is in sight!

Our family loves going for long, epic, mountain hikes, but with 4 children, sometimes we are not only carrying our backpacks, but also a tired child on our backs... lol. A great way we sometimes pass the time on those long hikes - and to teach our children to be present in the moment - is to play "eye-spy",

Though it is really fun to "spy" flowers, and berries - it is sure exhilliarting to spy wildlife in their natural habitat! A mother on a hike with her children in the backcountry is always happiest when that wildlife that is spotted is not a safety threat to her own hiking children!... So let's get excited together to spot a deer in the mountain top forests! This Deer Doll pattern can be made into a young buck, a doe or a fawn! You can add the antler buds or play with the main or complimentary fabrics to make this deer your own. The NEW White-Tailed Deer Doll Pattern has just released TODAY! You can grab the pattern HERE.

Rocky Mountain Wild fabric is really the perfect fabric collection for the peaceful animal doll pattern! Corinne Wells, fabric designer for Riley Blake Designs did a breathtaking job of really capturing that Mountain air peaceful feeling. Her florals have so much depth and the low volumes are like no other!!! The Aspen and Peeks prints, have tons of character to them. You can just feel the outdoors in this collection!