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Let's Sew for Valentines!

It is the month of LOVE - so today at Bee Sew Inspired we wanted to spread the GIFT of LOVE through sewing!!!!

We have gathered up a list of our favorite Bee Sew Inspired - Valentine Sewing Projects - some of these patterns are BRAND NEW and some have stood the test of time. So join us over the next few weeks and let's sew together and spread some LOVE!!!


Valentines PATTERN LIST:

1. Xs And Os With Love


2. Little Red Hooded Cape


3. Sweetheart Dress


4. Piggy Doll


5. Enchanted Tree Of Love Block


6. Gnome & Gnomette Mini Quilt Pattern


7. Gnome & Gnomette Sewing or Embroidery Machine Doll Patterns


8. Fox Doll


9. Frog and Frogette Dolls


10. Gnome for the Holidays



Use the code "VALENTINE15" for 15% off your Valentine's Day order!!

Wishing you and yours a VERY Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you from my heart for being here on this creative journey with me.

I hope you have found a pattern that inspires your and I look forward to seeing your makes! - Jennifer Long - Bee Sew Inspired

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