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Inspired Doll Making

I began making rag dolls for my own children over 15 years ago when I was searching for positive role model toys that they could play with. I wanted the dolls to portray a healthy body image to help instill good self-esteem in my own learning, growing and developing children. I discovered that the process of making a handmade doll INSPIRED me challenge all the stereo-types I grew up with as a child. I also realized that ALL children, not just my own, could sense the love that went into a handmade toy, and therefore TREATED these toys with a greater respect. In how they played with them, displayed them and created with them. As a dance teacher and early childhood educator, I knew this was a movement I wanted to share with the world. The power of positive toys on play and development.

I began studying the Art of Doll Making from everyone and anyone that would talk to me about it. I started designing dolls with a paper and pencil and translating that into patterns. I wanted to refine these characters, give them life and share them with others so I took many years to studying graphic design and embroidery digitizing to help me achieve this goal. I started making dolls for gifts and sale and later began designing dolls for authors, designers and International companies.

Empower yourself

I know you can make dolls too! Teaching has always been a passion of mine, and I am so excited to finally get the opportunity to share the knowledge and experience I have gained about Modern Rag Doll Making with you. I dreamed about building a community that INSPIRES, teaches and supports each other. If you ever wondered if you could make a doll, please come and join INSPIRED DOLL MAKING Facebook Group and join in on the weekly LIVE videos on every aspects of Modern Rag Doll Making. Come for the inspiration. Stay for the community!


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