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Meet Caleb - a BIG superhero in a little boy's body

The "Be A Superhero" quilt patterns that I designed were in honor of Caleb MacArthur.

Meet Caleb William MacArthur, a BIG superhero in a little boy’s body….

Caleb was a sweet, vibrant, happy little boy who loved sports, outdoor adventures, and

anything with wheels. On his 3rd birthday,

Caleb was diagnosed with Stage 4, High Risk Neuroblastoma, a rare & aggressive form of childhood cancer.

Ironically, just as Caleb’s cancer journey began, so did his fascination with superheroes. He became captivated by the allure of saving the world and defeating the “bad guys”. Each day before treatment, he proudly suited up in his superhero pyjamas and cape.

With the innocence of a child and the spirit of a warrior, Caleb fought the villainous cancer with all of his might. His strong will, fighting spirit, and unwavering courage were his superpowers. In his final days, Caleb continued to live his best life – loving, laughing, playing. He did not dwell on what he couldn’t do

, but chose to embrace what he could do. For almost an entire year, Caleb valiantly battled this monstrous disease. He did not give up – not his hope, not his joy, not his fight! Caleb did NOT lose his battle. He died with dignity, grace, and honor, just four weeks shy of his fourth birthday. Caleb was, and will always be, our superhero. **

Caleb’s family and friends are now continuing Caleb’s brave fight, by raising awareness for childhood cancer and helping other critically ill children through Caleb’s

legacy of love - Caleb’s Courage.

**This story is not to be used or distributed in any form other than sharing in the quilt and doll patterns. If you are looking to use this story in any way, please connect with the family first at** photography credit to Michelle Leudy.

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