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No Fear...

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." Nelson Mandela

Isn't that an inspiring lesson to teach our children, our colleagues and and ourselves? That everyone feels fear but that we can work to overcome that fear!

This No Fear MINI quilt features the awesome NEW Riptide fabric by Rachel - Citrus and Mint Designs of Riley Blake Designs. This collection has wonderful cool colors and friendly shark motifs. You will have no problems conquering any fears with this fabric line! It is pure fun!

Rachel has even drawn up a Shark panel that is simple enough you can use it to teach your children to sew! I turned the pillow panel into a Shark Doll of course!!! I embellished the panel with some embroidery details. Tone on tone French Knots on his back, and some long-stitch hand quilting on the tummy.

In the "No Fear" MINI quilt pattern you will find easy traditional piecing and half-square triangles. You can make this quilt out of a 5" stacker and some background fabrics. The fun is in the scrappy placement of fabrics!!! Some sharks are coming, some are going, some are meeting head to head... much like our own fears in our daily lives... I used a quilting panto called Puddles by Lakeridge Designs to quilt this mini quilt!

I am a prairie girl (thus the snow and no ocean beaches in my photos...) but I LOVE this mini quilt and what it represents! I am going to hang it over my workspace and whenever I get in my own way of feeling insecure or self-doubt, I am going to look at this quilt and remember that it is okay to feel afraid, but that I can triumph over it! I hope this MINI quilt can INSPIRE you or someone you love in the same way!

When I was sewing up the Shark Panel and No Fear MINI Quilt, I had the idea to make a Shark "sleeping bag" for my Dolls! My youngest son immediately jumped on board and began telling me the details I needed to add!!! "Shark teeth all the way around the mouth Mommy!:.. And sooo... the Shark Tail Pattern was created! The pattern comes in 3 sizes and you can slide ANY Bee Sew Inspired Doll into the Shark's mouth to act as a sleeping bag. The photos below are proof of just how fun this fabric line and patterns are!

Whether you like sharks, nautical or ocean themes - or not - let this mini quilt hang in your house and be a reminder to you to conquer your fears in your life!

Shark Tail - Embroidery Machine Pattern

No Fear Mini Quilt Pattern

Shark Attack Bundle

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