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The Bee Sew Inspired Promo Team

Come be a part of the team!

Hi friends! Can I tell you what I love MOST about running a creative business... Meeting such amazing and inspiring people! It really is what brings me joy and inspires me to create.

Did you know, I ONLY sew on days that end in a "y"!!!

Over the last 6 months, I have had the opportunity to share, sew, follow and grow with a small group of wonderful creatives. They are part of the Bee Sew Inspired Promo Team and we truly have been having such a fun time together!

I would like to introduce you to the team, but first I will let you know of an opportunity! The experience has been so positive, we are opening up a few more spots on the Promo Team! If you love to sew, build friendships and share on social media, we want you on our team!

What You Receive on the Team:

  1. Free patterns every month for your time as an ambassador for Bee Sew Inspired.

  2. Insider information to new and coming pattern releases.

  3. Tips to improve your social reach with posting, tagging and photography skills.

  4. You can choose from Doll Making (sewing or embroidery machine) or Quilt Patterns but are not limited to just one genre either!

  5. A special share code for your followers that gives them a discount.

  6. Prizes and Gifts!

What We are Looking for:

  1. 3-4 photos per make / month on your social media (work in progress, flat lay or lifestyle shots). Photos should be clear and well lit with focus on the pattern as well as showcasing your craftsmanship. Correct use of tags @beesewinspired and #beesewinspired.

  2. Engagement on Bee Sew Inspired social media posts and involvement in Bee Sew Inspired hosted groups.

  3. Monthly story posts with tags

  4. This is a 6-month commitment with opportunity for extension.

  5. Any other promotion or share of Bee Sew Inspired content.

Group Name: Bee Sew Inspired Promo Team

Term: October 1st, 20221 to March 1st, 2022

Meet the Team:

Zoe Craggs

Hi! I live in England with my husband and 2 girls. I love to sew, cook and recently garden!

I mainly sew for me and my girls but I love a good hand embroidery session since I get to enjoy the quiet and maybe even watch telly for once instead of shouting over my noisy machines! To date my favorite tip to share is still the use of a zipper foot for the cleanest edge stitch ever. Every Bee Sew Inspired pattern I make becomes my new favorite! But I’ll say the Courage doll for her versatility.

You can check our more Zoe's makes HERE!

Naomi Radunović

I'm an Australian living in beautiful Montenegro with my husband and two daughters.

I enjoy all sorts of sewing and like to try everything! From quilts, dolls, hand sewing and embroidery to bags, clothing and costumes. My favorite tool is a Melamine chopstick! It's the handiest thing to turning small pieces, poking out corners and smoothing edges. The Bunny rabbit is by far my favorite Bee Sew Inspired pattern. It's my go-to baby and kid gift!

You can check our more Naomi's makes HERE!

Anja Wouters

I am living in Belgium. I am married and have one daughter. I have been sewing since I was a child. I sew almost all our clothing. I really love sewing dolls and just started with quilting. I am new to hand embroidery and am beginning to love it very much. My best tip is when you don't have the right fabric for a certain doll ... I just make it myself. Painting, screen-printing, drawing on plain fabric gives beautiful results. My favorite Bee Sew Inspired pattern is the bunny because of his beautiful ears and face and it is my daughter's favorite animal.

You can check our more Anja's makes HERE!

Grace Elliott

I am an avid sewist and crafter, mom to six kiddos (baby through college ages), and wife to my amazing husband. I am passionate about Jesus, serving all those involved in foster care and adoption, and racial equality (as the only all white person in my family)! My favorite type of sewing is anything my family loves and cherishes... Particularly Star Wars themed fun stuff! My tip I would like to share is changing your presser foot pressure is a game changer when working with different weights and stretchiness of fabrics. Lessen the pressure when you see pooling before or after the foot and when the seam looks wavy after sewing. My favorite Bee Sew Inspired pattern so far is the Superhero! My kids LOVE their dolls.

You can check our more Grace's makes HERE!

Michele Axmaker Chapman

Hi everyone, I am a mom and grandma to 7 sweet grandkids. I love making quilts and sewing clothes. My best tip I would like to share is even though I hate standing over a hot iron, pressing seams makes a huge difference in what you are making! The scattered chicks quilt is my favorite Bee Sew Inspired pattern so far, it so cute! 🥰

You can check our more Michele's makes HERE!

Debbie Ray

My "official" home is in Phoenix, Arizona. I've been traveling back and forth to central Florida to assist my mom for the past 3 years. Retiring in 2018 as a civilian background investigator in law enforcement, I've been able to have a flexible schedule! I enjoy working with textiles. I'll switch between quilting, garments, and fun fabric dolls and/or animals. My tip is using an iron while sewing will always enhance your project and sometimes correct those little mistakes we make! I love making the clothing pieces...the Romper, Spring Fling, and Jumper patterns.

You can check our more Debbie's makes HERE!

Nikki Grindley

I live in Auckland, NZ with my 3 young children and our sweet 12 year old dog Bella. When not working I love to spend time with my kids exploring the beaches and local parks, gardening, baking and working on other 'projects'. Four years ago I took my love for sewing and worked towards turning it into a fulltime business where I now make a huge selection of personalized beautiful heirloom dolls and toys as well as a gorgeous range of custom children’s clothing. Memory bears and memorial toys are some of my favorite things to make. I enjoy incorporating a loved ones clothing or special embroidered words and details into a truly one of a kind project. I am a sentimental person by nature so it can at times be a difficult task, but one that is also so incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Working with high quality fabrics and equipment makes all the difference. They are usually easier to work with and give a much nicer longer lasting result. I also swear by my multiple pairs of hemostats for turning small doll limbs and doll clothing bodices etc. Fabric glue and hem tape is also absolutely essential for zippers and hemming knits in my opinion. I love the Christmas Elves! They are so beautiful and perfect for gifting. Bee Sew Inspired patterns are some of my all time favorites as they are so carefully designed and include such sweet details.

You can check our more Nikki's makes HERE!

Deb Zaleski

I'm from Quebec Canada, mom of 4. I've been sewing since the age of 5, my aunt taught me everything that was long and boring to learn like hand sewing and hand basting, but I just loved it and would sit there just taking in everything she would show me. I would watch her work and ask her questions. She was patient enough with me to show me the basics and I just grew from there. I like to touch on everything when I sew. I don't have a favorite, I would have to say it depends on the mood I'm in. I sew everything from clothing to dolls and quilting. I think the best tip I can give is measure twice cut one... So many times I thought that I had more than enough fabric for a project and just by taking the time to plan it out properly I've saved time, energy and fabric. I'm always looking forward to what the new pattern will be in either doll making or quilting always eager to make it.

You can check our more Deb's makes HERE!


Come be part of the team

Bee Sew Inspired Promo Team

Term: October 1st, 20221 to March 1st, 2022