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Prompt 13: Etsy Post Practice

When setting up a listing for Etsy or any similar platforms think about the first thing your customers will see. Think about the description of the item being listed. Do you feel the photos of the item being listed are clear and represent the doll accurately? Do you feel that the description is clear?

Creating an Etsy Post:

Today's prompt is all about sharing or creating an Etsy post or a post for a similar platform. If you have an Etsy shop share the link to your shop, you can even share some tips you have for listing your dolls. If you don't have an Etsy shop, that's okay! Share some of the photos that you would use in your listing with a description of your doll. Don't forget to include the materials used and price as well as shipping costs! Use the forum chat to explore this topic further and share your ideas, thoughts, or projects!!!

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