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Prompt 14: Social Media Analytics

When using social media to grow your doll making business you want your posts to have an impact on your audience, you want them to be engaged, you want to be posting quality content. The way social media works could seem a little unpredictable in a way that we think we're posting note worthy content but we don't get the views we thought we would. Sometimes people that don't even follow our accounts are liking our posts and engagements are greater than we've ever seen.

Social Media Posts & Insight:

Today's prompt is all about taking note about what you are posting and if you can view your analytics from clicks to your etsy shop, sales, or website engagement. We are NOT looking for vanity metrics of high "like" counts with low conversion rates.... we want quality engagment and building loyal super fans! Where do you post on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok)? How regularly do you post to your different platforms? Do you ever take a look at the statistics offered in the different platforms? Use the forum chat to explore this topic further and share one of your posts that received a lot of engagement. What platform, what did you post about and even what time of day it was.

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