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Prompt 15: Logo & Branding

Your logo is usually the first thing your customers will recognize and it should reflect you and your business. Take a few moments and reflect on some of your favorite parts of your personality, what is unique and special about your and your offerings, perhaps your favorite places to travel, or products you love. Now visualize their logos. Take a critical look at some branding that you are drawn to. How does it make you feel? Is the messaging clear? Do you understand from the logo what they are offering?

Your Logo:

Perhaps you already have a doll making business and work under a business name and also have a logo you are proud of. If that is the case, we would love to invite you to share a photo of your logo with us in the forum. Tell us why you love your logo, why you chose the style and colors you did etc... If you are considering getting started with the process of creating a logo and business name for yourself, please share your process with us. We would love to give you feedback and help you achieve your dreams! Use the Forum link below to share, ask questions and be inspired!

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