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Prompt 16: Ideal Customer

What is an ideal customer profile? It's a description of the kind of customer who would benefit the most from your offering and provide the most value to you in return. Your ideal customer, is the type of customer you'll focus your resources on acquiring within a specific timeframe.

Knowing WHO your ideal customer is, is EXTREMELY important.

When we talk about our ideal customer we're talking about who are we creating for:

  • A baby or small child

  • Creating keepsakes out of upcycled materials for families

  • Heirloom style dolls for collectors

Each of these dolls have a different purpose and materials we use such as buttons, ribbons, beads and even fabric type will vary depending on who the doll is for.

Ideal Customer:

For today's prompt, think about the dolls you love making and who your ideal customer is, in other words, who is your target market. The materials you use in creating your dolls will depend on your market.

Let's use the CHAT BELOW this post to continue the conversation! Share questions or descriptions of who your ideal customer may be. Let us help you target that person.

Want to dive DEEPER into exploring your Ideal Customer, check out our video post on this topic:

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