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Pumpkin Stuffie: Craft Tutorial Pattern

This October we want to have a little fun with Pumpkins! They come in so many different sizes, shapes and colors all of them are just so beautiful! These pumpkin stuffies will brighten up any fall day!

You can make these pumpkin stuffies as scrappy as you like, or all one color. They're perfect for decorating your home for the Fall season. The pattern template comes in two sizes, download the template, select the size you want to make choose your fabric!

Let's get creative! Just gather the supplies below, then download the pattern/files. Don't forget to share your project on social media using the hashtag #BSImakersclub and tag @beesewinspired.


  • Sewing Machine or Embroidery Machine

  • Rotary Cutter

  • Quilting Ruler

  • Self-Healing Mat

  • Iron and Wool Mat

  • Scissors

  • Hand sewing needle

  • Long doll needle (doll needles are very long, about 5")


If you haven’t already, become a Bee Sew Inspired - Maker's Club Annual Member. This gives you access to our entire growing, Maker's Club library of downloads! Including Quilt - Story Block of the Month patterns, Doll Patterns and Accessories (Sewing and Machine Embroidery versions), PDF templates, SVG cut files and more!

1. Download the Pumpkin Pattern designed by Bee Sew Inspired. You can choose either the PDF Pattern to hand cut your shapes, or the SVG Cut File and follow the directions to have your Cricut Maker cut the felt shapes. Make sure to use your rotary blade and set the fabric to felt. Use the template to cut out six panels in total.

2. Fuse the Heat-N-Bond Fleece to the wrong side of your decorative fabrics BEFORE cutting the shape. Fuse the interfacing to the circle, this will be the pumpkin base. This will help keep the fabric stable while cutting out the curved edges. Choose fabrics in two designs or up to six if you'd like each panel to be different.

3. Use the templates cut out the pumpkin shape.

4. To create the texture in the pumpkin stem, fold the brown felt rectangle at different intervals and stitch a zigzag stitch all the way at the edge of the fold. There is no right or wrong way, you can fold as many times as you like. I have 4 folds for a 2.5" x 3" rectangle.

5. fold the rectangle with wrong sides together. Using a zigzag stitch, close up the top and the side of the pumpkin stem. slightly stuff the tail with fiber fill to give a little bit of body. Set the tail aside.

6. Take two adjacent panels and place right sides together. Stitch down one edge using a 1/4" seam allowance.

7. Repeat until all six panels are joined together, with the fabrics alternating. To join the pumpkin up, stitch the edges of the first and last panels together. Stitch down from the top all the way down to the bottom.

8. While your pumpkin is inside out, insert the tail in the top (the smaller hole) and hand stitch the tail to the pumpkin body. Make sure you close up the opening to the tail at the same time.

9. If you have long doll needles skip to step 11 If not, that's okay! Simply use some embroidery floss or double up on thread. Pass the thread through the top of the pumpkin body, leave a long thread tail.

10. Turn your pumpkin right side out, it is ready to be stuffed with fiber fill. Don't underestimate how much toy filling you need! Keep pushing wisps in until it's tightly packed. Keep the thread tails from being pushed into the pumpkin with the stuffing. Pull slightly on the thread creating a dimple at the top and your pumpkin has a nice shape. Tie knots so that the thread is secured to the pumpkin base.

11. Thread your long doll needle with embroidery thread and secure the thread at the stem of the pumpkin. Stitch a few small securing stitches and push the needle back into the pumpkin. Bring the needle out again at the top of the pumpkin. Pull your thread taut, push the needle into the pumpkin and wiggle it through the filling until it comes out through one of the bottom. Pull tight. Keep passing the needle through the pumpkin and pulling until you're satisfied with your pumpkin shape. This will form a dimple in the top and bottom of the pumpkin to give it its shape. Secure your thread.