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RBD Block Challenge: Putting it all Together

Today is the day when we put together all of the quilty fun from the last (4) months of the Riley Blake Designs Block Challenge! YAY!

It is so special to see all of these blocks together!

What is the RBD Block Challenge?

It is a weekly free mystery block pattern hosted by Riley Blake Designs. There are (16) new and unique 10" quilt blocks designed by 16 Riley Blake Design designers (including myself)! It is fun and free and the final quilt is a surprise!!!

Every Tuesday, a NEW block pattern is released, except the last Tuesday of the month when we take a moment to catch up, get inspired and really enjoy all the awesome work happening on the Block Challenge around the globe!

Here are the links you will need:

Follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #rbdblockchallenge


Finishing Instructions: Putting it all Together

It is always so rewarding assembling a Block of the Week Quilt! Each block has memories of what was happening in our lives when we made each block. I just LOVE this about quilting in general! It is truly like weaving together the fabric of our lives.

You can download the FREE RBD Block Challenge Assembly Instruction pattern HERE.

I deviated slightly from the assembly instructions. Instead of the Irish Chain Blocks, I cut (18) 10 1/2" squares of low volume background squares and assembled them in alternating rows (using the layout from the RBD instructions). I then cut (7) 5" WOF strips and sewed them together for the vertical and horizontal rows. My quilt therefore finishes a bit smaller at 65" x 85".

A helpful tip for binding: I then cut (7) 2 1/2" WOF strips and made my favorite double-fold homemade binding. Quilted the quilt on my long-arm machine and now I am excited to enjoy this beauty!!!

Quilting together is all about community, friendship and creativity. I hope you can join us and share your progress. Please use the hashtag #RBDblockchallenge.


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