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Selling your Handmade Dolls

You love to create and make dolls and handmade items! Others you know love and appreciate your makes! Maybe you have had someone look at the Rag Doll you just finished making and ask if you would make one for them? Have you ever considered selling your dolls or other handmade items?

The handmade industry is booming! Customers want one-of-a-kind high quality, handmade dolls and YOU love making them. This is simply a match made in heaven (aka your sewing studio).

However, how do you know what to charge for your dolls?

Makers often undervalue their skills, time, supplies and resources. There is a lot to consider when pricing your dolls.

A few things you need to consider when pricing your dolls:

  1. You supply costs / per doll: This includes consumable supplies like fabrics, yarn, buttons, stuffing, stabilizer, etc... calculating yardage amount used per doll.

  2. Calculate your general expenses: including capital and consumables divided by years of service and dolls / year.

  3. Time/Labor: as it pertains to design work, pattern prep, cutting, doll construction, stuffing and closing, clothing, accessories and embellishments

Do you want to learn more about this topic, chat with other doll makers about pricing structure, time management, market pricing, how to figure out your cost per doll - factoring in all the aspects and then understanding what your market can bare?

Inside the Modern Rag Doll Membership (a monthly membership designed for all levels of Doll Makers), we explore this topic through posts, discussion threads and downloadables. Members work through a 4-page PDF Doll Calculator to discover what their ROI (Return on Investment) is when selling their dolls. The doors will open again to the Modern Rag Doll Membership on January 15th, 2022. Do you want to be notified when they do? Make sure to click HERE and sign up so you don't miss this and all the other themes we explore every month in the Modern Rag Doll Membership! Learn. Share. Grow.