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Spring in the Coop!

"The key to everything is PATIENCE! You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it!" - Arnold H. Glasglow

Full disclosure - I was born and raised a city girl! I grew up in the professional ballet world, but longed to take horseback riding lessons. At the time, we were not allowed to risk other sports while training professionally - so it wasn't until was I was engaged to my husband (who is a country boy) that I took my first horse back riding lessons! When we got married, we moved to a rural acreage outside a small, prairie, farming town. It was like heaven! The space, the air, the animals, the HUGE garden. So excitedly I planted every seed I could think of.... no one told me to remember that the bigger the garden, the more weeds there are to pull! lol... Fast forward 20 years, 4 children, and many farm animal experiences... and I wouldn't trade this life for anything!

So, when my sweet friend Jackie MacDonald of Sweetfire Road showed me the first glimpses of her Break of Day fabric collection with Moda fabrics - I knew I had to sew with this line! Her illustrations are so delicate and soft and they just completely encompass the breath of country air!!! Do you see her little chicks and and bumble bee and weather vane!!! Oh my heart just skips for these motifs!!!

Jackie and I began working together on her first quilt pattern! I am so honored that she chose me to help her write and design this quilt together. She wanted a vintage feed sack look and after some really fun zoom calls and ideas we came up with the finished Here Chick, Chick Quilt Pattern you see here! The pattern is traditionally pieced with raw-edge applique and some hand embroidery and embellishment options! You can grab the pattern in either of shops. Sweetfire Road or Bee Sew Inspried