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Superhero Doll

Come join us on this adventure....

To accompany the Be A Superhero Quilt Patterns, I have designed two Superhero Dolls and their accessories! YOU can absolutely make these dolls! The illustrated step-by-step instructions lead you along every step of the way. The patterns are available in both Sewing Machine/Hand Embroidery patterns, as well as Embroidery Machine Patterns. There are video tutorial links for all the stitches and steps used in the patterns. You can find all the support at INSPIRED DOLL MAKING Facebook Group.

The two Superhero doll patterns are named Courage and Strength. We named them these names to make them inclusive and empowering and to not limit these dolls. You can customize their crest on their chest with a letter or picture to represent your own Superhero.

If you share on social media, please tag @beesewinpired and use the hastags #beesewinspired #beasuperhero #superherodoll #couragedoll #strengthdoll

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