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The Life of a Mermaid...

Have I dreamed I am a mermaid... or am I a mermaid dreaming I am me?

When you were younger and swimming at the lake or the beach did you ever imagine yourself turning into a mermaid... even for just an hour? I know I sure did. I often thought of these majestic creatures and wondered what it would feel like to slip on a long, beautiful mermaid tail and swim with great ease though the waters...

That imagined moment is the inspiration behind the removable Mermaid Tail pattern! You can sew that creative play for the child in your life and help them turn ANY Bee Sew Inspired doll into a mermaid - even if it is just for a moment!

I started playing with Melissa Mortenson of Polka Dot Chair's new Ahoy Mermaids fabric with Riley Blake Designs and was transported to this mystical place in my imagination! The whimsy in this collection is every little girl's dream! There is even a touch of sparkle in this collection!!! I just couldn't wait to cut into this beautiful bundle.

I decided to sew up my Beach Day Doll Pattern in this collections and add the removable Mermaid Tail to each doll! I just HAD to use the polka dot / golden octopus print (Octo Dots) for their bikinis!!! After all, doesn't every dolly want a polka dot bikini??? lol... The doll pattern even has a tiny little embroidered belly button and stitching to make her top look like it has a gathered pinch style. Don't over look her matching sandals / thongs / flip flops! (What do you call them where you live? We can them flip flops here.)

The mini floral print was just perfect for their swim caps!!! I used coordinating embroidery thread to add shimmer and details to the front and back of their swim caps.

Of course, I had to use the Mermaid Scales print for their removable mermaid tails! The embroidery scale detail is on the front AND back of the mermaid tail! It makes this magical accessory, just so believable and also gives it stability so the tail can hold it's shape!

Since we are using our imaginations so much today, you will have to join me in imagining we are at a beautiful, ocean-side beach!!! In prairie Canada, the best the mermaids and I could do was find a half-frozen lake! The mermaids didn't complain though. They LOVE every kind of water!

Looking forward to seeing how you transform your dolls into mermaids this Spring!!!

Patterns used in this Blog Post:

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