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Tools of the Trade (Organize-Along 4)

Organize-Along Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of the Bee Sew Inspired - Organize Along!

This week we are organizing your Tools of the Trade! This includes rulers, scissors, glues, needles, pins etc... In the private Facebook groups and the Bee Sew Inspired YouTube Chanel, I share a few ideas on ways to inspire you to organize your tools and keep them and you safe! I am even going to link a FREE tutorial for a fun Mason Jar pin cushion!!!

Thank you for being part of the Organize Along! It is FREE and is meant to be a beautiful way in inspire each other to organize, share DIY projects, build friendships and more! If you haven't already, please consider joining one or both of our FREE Educational Facebook Groups. You will get the most benefit out of the next week if you not only take part, but give feedback, post questions and share inspiration! We are are so excited you are here! Let's get started!

WEEKLY VIDEO #4 - Tools of the Trade

Join me as we talk through some ideas to store all your scissors, glues, rulers and more...

Every week we are sharing tips, tricks, laughter and so much more through a weekly Video Chat. You can watch and comment on the video in any of the three platforms or communities that best suits you! We WANT to hear your organizing solutions... so please join us and take part in these fun videos. We will help to keep in inspired as the weeks go on and keep you from overwhelm. One small thing organized is a success!!!

Sewing on the Go:

Do you have a creative way to take your threads, scissors, thimbles and pins with you when you sew? We LOVE project that we can make to contain our tools and also that are functional! Scroll down to the link to our FREE Mason Jar tutorial! Let's start the conversation and inspire each other to organize even one small section of our "Tools" this week!

How to Organize Sewing Supplies in Cute & Sensible Ways

Magazine Holder

You can use a magazine holder to organize your binder of sewing patterns and books. This is also a great place to organize fusible interfacing in containers and scraps of fabric wrapped around cardboard. The magazine holders create a perfect nook for keeping things organized on your bookshelf.

File Organizer

Whether you use a file cabinet or an accordion file organizer, your patterns and other loose materials fit well into slots. You can add your patterns to a large envelope and file them in, or you could create a slot for each pattern with a label. Regardless, the patterns stay out of sight and secure.

Pegboard With Hooks and Cups

Pegboards can be your best friend if you are short on space in your sewing area. These boards have multiple functions and various purposes. You can hang large mats and tools off hooks and organize your ribbons, thread, and cutters. Hanging cups off the pegboard give you an area for your tape measures, pencils, Velcro, and other tools.

Easy Tips for Organizing Small Tools and Thread

Small tools can be a bit harder to keep organized. It can be easier to use containers for organization. Clear containers can be the best so you can see the small tools within.

Magnetic Tape to Hold Everything in Place

Needles and stitch rippers can be hard to keep track of sometimes. Add some magnetic tape to the bottom of a plastic container or a drawer. With a bit of magnetic tape, you can keep your metal needles and tools in order.

Clear Cookie Jars for Organization

When you have a lot of loose tools around your cutting area, using clear cookie jars can help keep everything organized and together. Label each cookie jar for the specific tool (i.e., scissors, pencils, etc.), and you can put them back after use. This works to keep them organized but handy.

Mason Jar Shelf for Accessories

When it comes to storing buttons, ribbons, and other sewing accessories, mason jar organizers can be essential. You can put this organizer on the wall, and you can stack them. This allows them to go up the wall and take up wall space.

Tips for Organizing Sewing Supplies

Getting all the little supplies you need for sewing in one place can be hard. But all you need to do is use some clever hacks to be an organization goddess.

  • Store small supplies in small easy to find containers.

  • Label everything, so it's easy to find what you need.

  • Use the wall space to your advantage, especially if you don't have a dedicated sewing or craft room.

  • Sort fabrics and thread by color.

  • Use high shelves for bulk items.

  • Store the materials you use daily in easy-to-access drawers.

  • Store things you use less like manuals in low drawers.

  • Use drawer dividers to give everything its own space.

  • Use hooks on pegboards to keep your mats and scissors in place.

  • Mobile rolling carts can help make quick alterations.

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