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Unfinished Objects (Organize-Along 7)

Organize-Along Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of the Bee Sew Inspired - Organize Along!

We are really making progress friends! I am so proud of everyone's achievements and it is wonderful how inspiring and sharing everyone is! This is the BEST community!

Week 7 is ALL about UFOs - (Unfinished Objects). This includes our WIP projects (Work-in-Progress), Kits, planning new projects and inspiring finishes! We also want to talk about paying it forward and how we can use our scraps, UFOs and all of our talents to really spread love around the world!

Thank you for being part of the Organize Along! It is FREE and is meant to be a beautiful way in inspire each other to organize, share DIY projects, build friendships and more! If you haven't already, please consider joining one or both of our FREE Educational Facebook Groups. You will get the most benefit out of the next week if you not only take part, but give feedback, post questions and share inspiration! We are are so excited you are here! Let's get started!


This week is all about organizing all of our unfinished projects and sorting through the projects we have yet to make. We also talk about using these WIPs as a way to bless others with our talents and gifts - as well as finishing our projects!

Every week we are sharing tips, tricks, laughter and so much more through a weekly Video Chat. You can watch and comment on the video in any of the three platforms or communities that best suits you! We WANT to hear your organizing solutions... so please join us and take part in these fun videos. We will help to keep in inspired as the weeks go on and keep you from overwhelm. One small thing organized is a success!!!

Project Planner!

Do you use a project planner? I have so many unfinished projects from many years ago (some dating back 20 years from when we first got married). Going through the pile of WIPs now, I was thinking I need some more information for each project so I can easily pick up where I left off...

This is EXACTLY why I created the Project Planner PDF downloads. I am printing out the sheets as we speak and filling them in for my current WIPs. I am so motivated to get working through some of these beautiful projects I haven't sewn for a while.

Thank you from my heart for being here on this creative journey together and I am so excited watching what we can accomplish when we stand together!

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