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Storybook Felt Panel SAL: Week 3

Teach, play and act out the complete fairytale story of Little Red Riding Hood, her grandmother, and of course, the wolf through my Storybook Felt Doll & Bag set! This felt panel project creates an adorable Grandmother's Cottage, which converts into a keepsake bag with fun flaps to explore and store the dolls inside. The felt shapes can be simply cut out, or you can do basic sewing and add embellishments through hand-embroidery!


Week 3 : Prepare the Bag

Week 3 is for preparing our bag! This week, I am sharing two methods for assembling your bag: the easy-sew method and the turned method. I also share how to make the pocket and add handles. Watch the video, below, to learn more!


Instructions for Week 3:

To make the bag using the easy-use-method, refer to the instructions on the fabric panel. The instructions that follow are for the turned method.

1.Prepare the handles by backing each with a piece of batting or stabilizer and folding right side out. Stitch along both sides of the handles.

2. For extra strength, stitch vertical lines along the length of the handle in a matching thread color. Set aside.

3. Trim the pockets with a pair of scissors or pinking shears, then pin and sew all the pockets in place to the outside and inside sections of the bag, leaving the pocket opening open. Match illustrations on the main bag panels as desired. Be sure to backstitch at the start, corners, and at the end for reinforcement.

4. Layer the bag front and stabilizer by basting around the entire perimeter at ⅛" to keep the stabilizer from shifting during assembly. Set aside.

5. Position the prepared handles in place as desired. Pin the unfinished ends of each handle to lay OUTSIDE the bag. Baste the handles in place.

6. Sandwich with the prepared backing, right sides out. The handle ends will be INSIDE this layered sandwich. Use pins to secure the entire perimeter.

7. Sew around the perimeter of the bag, leaving an opening for turning.

8. Using a small pair of scissors, carefully clip around the perimeter of the entire seam allowance (1/4"or 1/2" of your choice) and notch out all the inside corners. Turn the bag right side out through the bottom opening. Push corners out with a point turner.

9. Finger press the entire seam allowance or CAREFULLY press with a cool iron. Note: Heat from a hot iron can melt the acrylic felt panel. If you choose to iron, make sure to do a TEST press on a scrap of panel felt fabric first.

10. Using a coordinating thread color, stitch around the entire perimeter of the play mat/bag to give the edges a nice, clean finish.